Qualcomm announces snapdragon 855 and its new under-display fingerprint sensor

Qualcomm announces snapdragon 855 and its new under-display fingerprint sensor :-

This week, Qualcomm is hosting press and analysts at Maui for its annual snapdragon summit.  There will be three days news and the company has decided to preview its new Snapdragon 855 mobile platform as well as focusing on the 5G. In addition, the company announced its new ultrasonic fingerprint solution for sensor which could sit under the performance.

This will probably be the 5G tower in your neighborhood shortly before, but after many years, it is fair to say that we are now reaching the point where 5G is real. Actually, AT & T and Verizon are showing live 5G networks this week on Maui. Qualcomm has described his program as “Outgoing Party for 5G”, although I am sure we will hear from other players who claim it in the coming months.
In the short term, perhaps more interesting is that Qualcomm has announced its new flagship 855 mobile platform today. Although the company has not yet released all the details, it was emphasized that 855 “The world’s first commercial mobile platform supports multi-gigabit 5G.

855 also has a new multi-core AI engine that promises 3x better AI performance than its previous mobile platform, as well as advanced computational photography silicon to advanced computational photography (thinking something like Google’s Night Light) and Promises for video capture too.

The company briefly noted that the new platform has been optimized for gaming. The product name for this is “Snapdragon Elite Gaming”, but the details remain spacetime. Qualcomm also betrays as AR (or “extended reality” because the company brand it).

The last piece of news is the most interesting here. Fingerprint sensors are now standard in the standard market too. With its new 3D Sonic sensor, Qualcomm promises an advanced ultrasonic fingerprint solution that can sit under the display. To a lesser extent, this is a redistribution of Qualcomm’s current under-display sensor, but there is also some new technology. The promise here is that the scanner will work, even if the display is too dirty or if the user installs the screen protector. It is likely that, in the next few months we will see some new flagship phones (Mobile World Congress coming soon) which will facilitate these new fingerprint scanners.

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