Mozilla launched Firefox Send so you can transfer files to free

Mozilla launched Firefox so you can transfer files to free :-

Mozilla has launched its Firefox which allows you to transfer files free of charge and share the URL of the file that has been transferred. These features are given in Mozilla new Firefox.

Mozilla has given very good features in this Firefox. In Firefox, you can upload files up to 1GB and share the uploaded file link. And if you want to upload more files, you will have to create an account in Mozilla. After creating the account, you can upload up to 2.5GB files. You can also share the link to the file that you uploaded. But once the file is received, you can download the file as often as you can download the file upto 100 times or more than 100 times.

Mozilla has given a very good security feature in firefox. You can set the time in which the file is uploaded to your file that can be downloaded by this time. After the completion of the time, the session will expire and you can not download the file.

Mozilla has given another feature which is the file you uploaded and the link to the file that you are about to share, you can password protect it. Then the person you are sharing the link or the receiver who is receiving the link is also aware that the password can be downloaded to the file only if the password is not known if the password is not available then do not download the receiver file. You can do 7 days protection in whatever link is shared, 7 days till the receiver can download the file, then this link will be expired automatically. These features are very good because sometimes the files are shared by mistake and the receiver who accesses your file.

Mozilla’s Firefox send service is at this link Firefox send

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