WhatsApp new features in-app Browsing and reverse image Search update

WhatsApp new features in-app Browse and reverse image Search update :-

Like many companies, whats app is also bringing two new features in-app browsing and reverse image search. These two features are coming in whats app. Right now both of these features are in beta testing.

Well this in-app browsing feature of the whats app is very good, which is going to bring whats app. After this update you can do any sourcing whats app while using the same app while chatting. You do not have to go out . while doing whatsapp You can browse As you search, you will be taken to the web page that you have searched while staying inside this app.

The next feature of whatsapp is that it is reverse image search. These features are very helpful, rumors about the wrong news. From this feature we will get the help that if any person shares the photos and share them with whatsapp and brainwash you. So you can find out through the reverse image search features that the news is rumored that the truth is news. By the way, many false reports are spread through whats app in India, which help them to brainwash the people. Editing any photo spreads the wrong news. And the worst news is spread through whatsapp. Through this feature, you can find out by uploading any photo right or wrong news. This feature is very good from whatsapp, which is whatsapp very soon both of these features are in their next update.

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