Redmi pro 2 coming with snapdragon 855 and pop-up camera

Redmi pro 2 coming with snapdragon 855 and pop-up camera :-

Xiaomi want to launch its new smartphone , Xiaomi new phone is coming, it has leaked news from the side of Xiaomi that Xiaomi will soon be in the market with its new model . Xiaomi new phone will be Redmi Pro 2, which is coming up with Snapdragon 855. The rumor is blowing in Xiaomi, in the market, is ready to launch the Redmi Pro 2.The special thing is that this phone is being launched with Qualcomm new processor Snapdragon 855, which is a great thing, Xiaomi new phone is coming with Snapdragon 855.

Redmi Pro 2 will have a pop selfie camera which is in trend nowadays pop camera. In 2019, almost all phones coming with a pop camera. So why did Xiaomi be behind this trend? . So that’s why Xiaomi gave a pop selfie camera in the Redmi Pro 2 and also has a 48MP camera. This phone also has an in-display fingerprint reader .

Well, many of Xiaomi phones are coming in the market. Now it will be seen how long the market will be available or launch. The feature which was given in the Redmi Pro 2 is very good. Right now this news has become confirmed by the side of Xiaomi. Very Xiaomi will officially confirm this phone about this phone and its price range will be. Xiaomi’s phone is only going to be the budget phone. This will be a budget phone.

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